A short text to condole the mother of a friend and acquaintance

Words do not help the mind when the volume of grief closes the path of the soul and there is no other way but to cry and cry and cry. We offer our condolences to you and your respected family for the tragedy, and we wish you patience and God’s infinite mercy for the deceased, hoping that his kind soul will rest in the safe haven of God, relieved from all the countless sufferings of the world. Accept the sincere condolences of all your colleagues and friends.

The bitter and heartbreaking incident of the death of our friends in the earthquake… which is truly tragic and moving, I offer my sincere condolences to the bereaved families and survivors of those dear ones, and I ask Almighty God for the consolation and peace of their sad hearts.

Undoubtedly passed away… Your failed teenager/youth is covered with sadness. It is the custom of the times that many times tests everyone to such difficult tests, I sincerely offer my condolences for this great loss and I ask God for your pride and patience in this campaign. May the long spirit of this lost loved one rest forever in God’s safe court and next to His mercy.

we are for God and we return to him

We learned that your honorable father passed away by God’s mercy

We wish that the patience of the family of these dear friends is as big as the sea of their sorrow

Let’s pray together for the great God to have mercy on the dear lost soul

And welcome this new guest well

A short text to condole a friend and familiar mother short text to condole the mother of a friend and acquaintance

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