How many tiles are there on a roof?

That really depends on several different variables including the square footage of the roof itself and กระเบื้องหลังคา the size / type of the tiles being used.

Most of the time when buying roofing tiles / shingles it will state on the packaging how many square’s it will cover. It should also state the “square footage” covered as well.

กระเบื้องหลังคาแผ่นเรียบ โครง แผ่นสะท้อนความร้อน l สร้างบ้าน Ep.81So once you have your square footage you can then figure out how many tiles / shingles it will take to cover your roof.

Don’t forget to add 10 to 15% for กระเบื้องหลังคา waste in your calculations.

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