Complete Strategy Guides for Boom Beach

Complete Strategy Guides for Boom Beach Have you ever tried the most classic mobile strategy games Clash of Clans and Boom Beach? Now yet? Well, try now, both of them are designed by Supercell. Particularly, Boom Beach is mobile strategy games combines attacks on other players with attacks against computer based bases. In this game, players can free build a base and upgrade buildings, attacking tower, troops and more defenses and get fun by both single player mode and multiplayer mode.

We believe that you will get addicted to it once you start. Here we would like to share with you some Boom Beach strategy from the best players. – Increase the wood production. Wood is required for all buildings and upgrades on your island and you only have one building producing it. So it’s important to increase the production of wood as much as possible. And upgrade the Sawmill as often as possible, spend gold coins to clear the trees on the island for extra wood and attack other islands to get some.

Try to keep your stash of wood as low as possible to minimize the wood losses during attacks. – Stone and iron come after wood. Stone and iron in Boom Beach become important later on in the game and if you want to upgrade current buildings or build new ones, you’ll need both wood and stone or iron. You can typically earn enough stone and iron simply from winning battles. It’s important but you won’t use it too terribly often. Just stockpile what you get from victories and that’s normally enough to do what you need.

You can find more Boom Beach guides at our website! – Improving gold production. Gold is an important resource that you obtain as hourly tribute from the people who live in the islands you free from BlackGuard slavery. You can use an upgraded Radar to find these islands, and you may also have to dip into your gold reserves to pay to reveal areas of particular interest. Keep in mind that the BlackGuard forces can reclaim islands you have freed, and Żnin Anonse they may build stronger encampments there, so it is important to monitor activity at all times.

– Use the Gunboat at the start of the battle. You have that Gunboat for a reason, and the best time to use it is when the battle starts: either to destroy some mines to clear the way, praca dla par szwajcaria or to completely destroy or wear down some enemy defenses. There’s really no reason for you to attack other types of buildings with the Gunboat. – Scout areas and plan your attacks. When you’re getting ready to attack a new island, always scout it out first.

It’s cost you nothing and you’re going to want to know what you’re walking into. This gives you the ability to choose what troops you should be sending in. Why risk getting more expensive and costly troops killed in an attack if you don’t have to? Send in only what you think you need. – Watch battle replays to improve your base. The best way to build a perfect base is to look at enemy attacks and see what weaknesses they exploit and try to fix them.

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